PHPmotion allows online users to use special features such as video sharing, photo and image sharing, audio sharing and even blogging. All of these features comes with great benefits, but also the right instructions and options. It even allows users to create a new group for even more document sharing. By using the group comments, members can actually communicate and talk together about certain documents. PHPmotion can be used in different kind of fields, depending on what type of documents the online users would like to share. Installing PHPmotion is very easy, which makes it perfect for companies to install it anytime, anywhere. Recently a gambling related company requested a brief consult about the use of PHPmotion. This particular website is sharing tutorials and videos about online casino games, like for example Starburst. By uploading these tutorials, the gambling website would like to inspire and educate their online users about casino games and provide them with great tips and tricks.

With the help of PHPmotion, users are able to upload videos directly from their computer, view upload processes as it happens and make videos public or private. Allow or disallow video comments is also an option while using PHPmotion. While providing a professional consult to this company, we used the game Starburst as an example. Allowing the followers to comment on this tutorial would stimulate others to use this information as well. The company is already successful in sharing their tutorials, but wanted to grow even more. PHPmotion facilitates the uploading of many videos at a time, which is perfect for a company like this. We also provided support in the protection of contents on this website. This is possible by backing up files and folders that will prevent the company from losing important information and content in case of emergencies. Creating a backup is very important to keep your files safe at all times.

Besides the features that are integrated in video sharing, PHPmotion also offers features that are linked to images and audio. It allows users to create new albums, upload images, create new blogs and edit content by using wysiwyg editor. Videos and images can be deleted at all times, which can be very useful if you would like to share a video or image temporarily. Temporarily videos are used while setting up a marketing campaign or promotional deal. It triggers the audience to take action in order to win or get a certain kind of deal. If you are interested in setting up a new online marketing campaign, PHPmotion would be the right Media Sharing CMS for you. Unfortunately, the PHPmotion Media Sharing CMS is temporarily not available for download, since we are working on a renewed version. This version will be an upgrade of the previous CMS, including the integration of the latest technology and innovation. If you would like to use this version, please keep an eye on the development of PHPmotion. Soon we will announce the official release date of our major upgrade.