We would like to announce our newest partner Forex Informatie, an online trading website that offers brokers reviews and other Forex trading information. Phpmotion will help Forex informatie grow their presence and take themselves to the next level. We will offer them different products and services to help them grow their social media channels to make sure they get sufficient subscribers to start with. Forex informatie will also have the option to backup all their files on daily and monthly basis to protect all their uploaded content. Forex Informatie will also be able to use stats to help them manage their site better.

In exchange Forex Informatie will promote us on their social media platforms as well on their website. This will help expand our brand in a positive way, as Forex Informatie is a well respected trading website. To be a bit more specific Forex informatie offers loads of reliable trading information and you get the opportunity to choose between different popular forex brokers by reading different reviews. We are very proud to have Forex informatie on board is one of our partners and we we will surely make the best out of this partnership! Thank you once again Forex Informatie.