PHPmotion Video Script – Main Features

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Creating a website for sharing media has never been easier. PHPmotion has features that improve functionality and give you the freedom to come up with the site of your choice. In just a few clicks, you can share your videos, audio, and other media with users of your website. The following are some of the features.

Video sharing is simplified. It is easy and fast to upload videos, and the software supports many video formats. It supports avi, mpg, and more. It gives you the option of allowing or disallowing video embedding. The software offers public or private video restrictions and a progress bar for video uploads. It is easy to edit information on videos whenever you need to. You can change the description, tags, and other relevant components.

If you use PHPmotion, you get a unique user profile URL. Every member can edit their profile, and each user has the freedom to customize their page as much as they want. There is a system for internal messaging.

You can create image albums and share them easily. PHPmotion facilitates the uploading of many images at a time. If you wish to share audio files, PHP supports the mp3 format and creates Meta tags automatically. It comes with full editing blogging features such as WYSiWYG editor.

You get a fully-functional admin area that gives you the chance to manage your website and the users. You may also use it to get statistics to help you manage the site better. Being the admin of your website, you can use the admin area to change your password as often as you like. The admin area makes it possible to change your password and edit your admin profile in a few simple steps. You simply need to log into the admin area of your site and go to Manage and then Admin Details. On that page, you will get options for changing your password, Email address, and username. All you need is to know your current password. Once you have made all the necessary changes, click on the Update option and the changes will be saved.

PHPmotion makes it possible for you to back up your files and folders. We suggest that you do it at least once a month to protect the contents on your website. Having backed up files and folders keeps you from losing important information in case of emergencies. If you know where your website is installed, it is easy to back up your files and folders. Connect to the FTP service of your hosting account and download everything that you want to back up. To download them, select of the files and folders, right click, and click on the Download option. Be patient as the process may take some time. If you wish to save time, you can skip large files and folders and those that are not very important to you. If you are not sure of where your website is installed, you should consult a professional to help you identify it.

Main features are:

  • Video Sharing
  • Photo/Image Sharing
  • Audio Sharing
  • Blogging
  • Easy uploading of Videos directly from the user computer
  • Support for many formats including (mpg, avi, divx and more)
  • View upload process as it happens
  • Edit video at anytime, change the title, description and tags
  • Delete Video at anytime allowing management of files
  • Make video public or private for those who don’t like to share 🙂
  • Allow or disallow video comments and also video embedding
  • Allow or disallow embedding
Photos/Images  (This feature can easily be disabled)
  • Create a new photo album
  • Upload photos images
  • Bulk upload of photos (up to 3 at a time)
  • Support for mp3 file format
  • Automatic audio meta tags reading (title, genre etc)
Blogs  (This feature can easily be disabled)
  • Create a new blog
  • Full editing features including wysiwyg editor
  • Create a new group for even more video sharing
  • Group admin can make group private or public
  • Videos can be deleted and added to the group very easily
  • Group admin can deleted members and also comments
  • Members can talks together using the group comments
  • Add videos to favourites allowing for easy playback of the list
  • Videos can be deleted at anytime
Member Profile
  • Members can edit their personal profile including adding a picture
  • Members will have a unique url for their profile page
  • Fully customizable profile page (background images, colors, styles etc)*
  • Full featured internal email systems for member communication
  • Each member can have a list of this friends
  • Easily invite more friends to join them on the network
  • Share videos with friends
  • Delete or add friends at anytime
Comments System
  • Add comments to videos
  • Add comments to blogs
  • Add comments to images
  • Add comments to profile pages

Admin features are:

PHPmotion also comes with a full featured administration interface, allowing you to manage all the aspects of your video sharing website.


  • View all videos
  • Delete videos
  • Make featured videos
  • Approve videos (if set)

Stats(full graphic stats)

  • See all member statistics
  • See all media statistics
  • See all group statistics
  • See comments statistics


  • View all groups
  • Delete groups


  • View all members
  • Delete members
  • Suspend members


  • Setup system settings
  • Language selector
  • Setup MySQL database
  • Custom theme selector


  • Delete flagged comments
  • Delete flagged videos
  • Clean up server files


  • Create new ads for site
  • Dynamically run on site
  • Delete ads at anytime

* this feature requires a powertool licence

Want to see it in action?
Enough reading already…its time to take a look for yourself.

Notice: To upload videos in the demo you will need to register. Any videos uploaded will be subject to admin approval (so please do NOT upload any unsuitable material)