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PHPmotion is software that allows you to share videos and other media including audio/mp3. The Content Management System (CMS) makes it possible to create and run your own website for sharing videos. It works just like and hi5. PHPmotion enjoys the various benefits of advantages that come with using CMS. It is user-friendly, quick to deploy, SEO-friendly, and it offers community support. PHPmotion has been popular across different growing companies, like, plus 500 and ig markets. It is the perfect option for companies or individuals who are not technically-minded. Think of the creative minds behind all the casino slot machines that have been produced, like Starburst for example. A user can maintain a look or feel that they deem suitable for their site. They can create, upload, and modify content without any special skills. Users do not need to understand programming language.Read more...

You can download and use PHPmotion free of charge. It is simple to run, and it has a fully featured admin to help you run your website. You do not require any special skills to use it.

If you want to run PHP motion, you must have a dedicated server with certain modules installed. Alternatively, you may work with a web hosting provider who has the features. We have collaborated with some of the best web hosting providers. You can use their servers to set up your website easily. The hosts may offer you free PHPmotion installation services and certain discounts.

PHP is template-based, and it uses the template engine TinyButStrong. You can use it for your personal or commercial sites. However, you cannot use it for adult sites. If you are only interested in certain features, it is possible to disable the features you do not want. They include audio, blogs, and images. If you wish to change the appearance of your website, you can use our ready-made themes or come up with your own. Since PHPmotion is entirely template-based, the design elements are separate from the other functions. You can apply the theme that gives your website the desired look and feel. PHPmotion allows you to create functional and beautiful websites.

PHPmotion offers you a simple feature to manage the videos and other media on your website. Once you log into the siteadmin area, go to Medial and then Videos page. You will view all the active videos. You can edit or delete them if you want. Using the Edit option, you can change the information provided about a video. You can also edit its category to improve visibility. If there are any videos that you have not approved yet, you can find them on the Pending tab. Videos can only be displayed on your website if you approve them. You may enable the ‘Automatically approve videos when uploaded’ option, PHPmotion offers you excellent support. It provides 24/7/365 support through email, live chat, or phone. If you have any issues, it is easy to get them resolved. The server monitoring does not stop, and there is plenty of online support. There are over 680 articles to guide you and over 500 video tutorials. You simply need to find them. Our online community is helpful and pleasant. If you have a question, you are likely to find quick and reliable services.



Your members can upload videos, add description and tags. Videos can also be embedded on other websites using our free video script.
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Apart from being a video sharing script, your members will be able to upload pictures and create image albums also. A image gallery viewer is also built in.


Uploading music or audio is another of the many features, built into PHPMotion. Mp3 sharing , photo sharing, blogs..the list is endless.. Read more…

Flexible Pricing Plans

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Server Setup Service

Not sure how to install all the required modules? not to worry, we can install (ffmpeg, mencoder, flvtool2 etc) on your server for you.


Script Installation Service

If FTP, CHMOD all sound like “greek” to you, then you can take advantage of our script installation service. We upload and test for you.


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We are very happy to be able to announce all the support we got from our sponsors. They have made it possible to create the best Media Sharing software. Our CMS made it possible to create and run your own website for sharing videos and most of our sponsors enjoy these various benefits that come with using our CMS. Read more...

The PHP template builder has all different kind of features to build some of the most amazing media sharing websites and most of our partners use at least a couple of them.
We would like to thank all of our sponsors below for all of their support and special thank you goes to Exentrix Solutins Ltd. Read more...

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